Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

repair tv tips

1.merk sharp 
  - type 37AM23H
  problem : child lock on pin not known
  solusi : press vol- on tv & child lock on remote
  together,press mode on rem using +/- to
  select child lock,press mode,E
  - type 37AM23H5BSA 
  problem : service mode adjustments
  solusi : hold vol up,vol down & chan up buttons
  whilst switching on
  - type 37AM23H
  problem : to enter service mode
  solusi : press & hold front +p & -v keys whilst sw on
  note hex settings b4 adj.to exit menu just switch
  off tv.select with chan +,-;adj with vol +,-  

2.merk lg 
  - type C121T24F
  problem : st/by only-red led lit 
  no power to psu pri
  solusi : dry joints RL 108 relay
  - type KE14U73 
  problem : st/by only 
  solusi : HT present but no 8v supply to IC500
  jungle chip pin 37.D850 in psu leaky
3.merk toshiba 
  - type 1720RB
  problem : no brightness control
  solusi : d204 in4148 clamp diode leaky
  - type 145e7b
  problem : snowy raster no tuning
  solusi : QA05 bc557a reset circuit
  - type 14e3b 140
  problem : no sound or raster at switch on
  solusi : R811 220k high Q801 str5214

sumber : www.eserviceinfo.com

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